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What You Need to Know When Selecting and Working With a Realtor®

The highest duty one person can owe another under the law is the “fiduciary duty.” It is the duty a parent owes the child, the lawyer a client, the Trustee a beneficiary, etc. It imposes upon the fiduciary the highest degree of loyalty and obligation to the person enjoying the benefit of the duty. No conflict of interest, failure to disclose, or activity that is not to the benefit of the fiduciary is allowed.

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A very basic duty a real estate broker provides is to help you identify and acquire your property, whether it is your primary home, an investment or even a place to rent. Today there are many websites you can use to find and review properties and it is a good way to start your search.

Finding properties and researching neighborhoods on-line is just the first step. When the time comes to visit places and start the steps towards your purchase, it’s very important to work with a real estate broker that has integrity and tenacity to follow through and be completely honest, to help you separate the good, from the bad & ugly.

One thing you won’t find on the internet – do you know which buildings have a documented history of poor and incomplete work done by the developers?  There are more than you would think and it has cost new owners dearly to fix things.

Always remember you are the client and as such, should expect exceptional service and care.

Here are just a few services and responsibilities you can expect from me-

  1. Keeping all of our conversations and communications confidential, never revealing anything that would comprise your negotiating position.

  2. I will not act as a “Dual Agent” meaning representing you and a seller in the same transaction. Representing more than one party in the same transaction presents a conflict of interest since both clients rely on my advice and respective interests may be adverse to each other.

  3. Provide information about comparable properties that have sold to help you make educated decisions on what price to offer and what strategy to follow.

  4. Communicate on a timely basis in manner you prefer - text, email or voicemail. This includes listening to what you want and carrying out your requests.

  5. Help you avoid mistakes.

  6. If you are interested in condos - assist with finding out what is going on with the Association – financial health, plans for improvements/repairs in the future, special assessments, # of rentals in the building, and much more.

  7. Let you know anything I may find out from the other broker representing the seller, including any defects in the property and seller’s motivation/time-frames if the broker reveals.

  8. Provide resources you can source to help evaluate schools and neighborhood amenities.

  9. Help protect your $$!

  10. Offer recommends for other companies and services such as lenders, real estate attorneys and inspection companies.

  11. Be available for every step of the process from comparing financing options, negotiating terms, inspections and closing details.

  12. Explain real estate terms, closing costs and procedures.

  13. I have the inside scoop on new listings – believe me, it’s not on Zillow!

While I haven’t keep count, during the 14 years I have been helping clients, I have been in 1,000+ properties – condo buildings, single family homes and Multi-units. The information gathered about construction, rehabs, building history, etc., is very valuable and always shared with you.

Trust is sometimes given but needs to be earned and retained. Work with someone you trust and if you don’t feel comfortable – make a change!

Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained.  Loyalty is rewarded. “Be Genuine”

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