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After my mother passed we needed to sell her condo quickly. Frank was a godsend! He walked us through the entire process. He helped us get the condo ready to sell, and advised us on price, with thorough research on comparable places. Frank was always available for our many questions, providing exceptional customer service. We went from listing to SOLD in just over 2 months, over the holidays, during a pandemic! Amazing. We highly recommend Frank for his superior customer service, professionalism & meticulous attention to detail. He’s the BEST! - Cathy C 

Frank is extremely knowledgeable and helpful! My mom and I have no homeowning/buying/selling experience and felt very overwhelmed when it came time to sell my grandparents’ home. Frank expertly explained the selling process in an easily understandable way that made us feel comfortable. He went above and beyond to help us prepare the home for showings by helping us remove carpet, and he had a great list of references for other services if we needed them to prepare the home. He was also exceptional at prompt and reliable communication when we called him with questions or updates. In the end, we eventually sold above asking price to our surprise. Can’t recommend Frank enough as a realtor. Will definitely utilize his services again when looking to buy a home. -  Hailee and Lisa


It had been about 25 years since I last purchased a home and I am very pleased that I found Frank and HS Realty Partners to help me. The neighborhood I wanted to live in had limited homes in the style I wanted. If anything came on the market it was immediately under contract. Frank was very diligent looking for homes that were being prepared for sale, but not yet publicly advertised. His daily search and efforts paid off when he found the ideal home in the perfect location for me! He was always at my side guiding and offering advice throughout each step – from inspection to the closing. Truly someone who cares and has a wealth of knowledge about homes and the market. I was very pleased with his services. So pleased that I have now hired Frank to sell my prior home! Professional, knowledgeable, diligent, personable, and attentive. I highly recommend him! - Cathy P

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I am a person who doesn't trust people easily; however; when I initially met Frank and Susan, I felt that they were professional, trustworthy, and knowledgeable instantly. We owned and lived in our condo for 17 years, and it wasn't the easiest place to sell, as we bought during the time when the market was inflated. In turn, Rogers Park, which is where our condo building was located, was affected by the recession. Despite these barriers, Frank and Susan were able to get our place sold at the price and time that were needed! They are ALWAYS responsive, providing feedback, watching recent market activity, timely, providing good advice CONSTANTLY, ALWAYS available, friendly, transparent, and they make EVERY SHOWING (unlike some of these other agents/brokers). Their online pictures and advertisement are also very impressive. They walk you through every step in the process, which was important for first-time sellers like us. No one can match their level of expertise. The projections that he provided were right on target. Working with them is like having an agent, accountant, and attorney all in one, as that's how PHENOMENAL they are...They also have great interpersonal skills as they were able to keep me hopeful and motivated when there were times when I wanted to give up (they also kept me calm when I wanted to freak out, LOL). Last, they always communicated and provided updates. Thanks to Frank and Susan, my husband and I are able to have my son start kindergarten in the area that we've always dreamt of, and for this, I will always be grateful.- Sabrina C.


In 2007 I began looking to buy my first condo. My trusted friend Scott recommended Frank. From the start I felt that Frank genuinely understood an agent's role, in my opinion, as a buyer's advocate/educator in the home buying process. He listened and didn't waste our time showing me places far off my radar. A couple months later he was guiding me through my first condo purchase in Uptown. As a result of my positive experience with Frank back in 2007, I didn't hesitate to call upon him when a real estate company recently bought/de-converted my Uptown building. This 2nd buying process had a lot of curve balls compared to the first and I was really glad to have Frank's patience and experience in helping me to navigate the post offer process, in particular, for my new condo in Oak Park. - Patrick M


My sister and I met several realtors in Chicago to sell our recently departed father’s home. We live out of state so it was imperative that we chose someone we can count on in our absence. We choose Frank and Susan because they are honest and know the real estate market in Chicago. We had a lot of donations from my father’s estate which Frank and Susan organized the entire matter. Frank is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Moving boxes, a little bit of paint here and there and some fixes to make the home show better. We had an offer on the first day, but, unfortunately, it fell through. Three days later Frank made some calls and the house closed 30 days after. If you are looking for genuine, honest, knowledgeable and caring realtors then I highly recommend Frank and Susan! They went way above and beyond and it was truly a life saver for us! Thanks Frank and Susan! - Chauntelle Z.


Frank has been our realtor on a variety of real estate transactions in Chicago since 2006. We have been very satisfied with his knowledge and expertise as well as his professional work ethics..he gets things done and makes things happen! He always has your best interest in mind, and is willing to go the distance on your behalf! - Debbie & Ruben R.

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This review is our Thank You to Frank for such a terrific job he did representing us in the sale of our home and then quickly purchasing our new place. We were in our home for over 26 years with many cherished memories and sensitive to how best prepare for selling and handle the overall process. His research on pricing and suggestions on some interior changes were spot-on accurate, as we received multiple offers the first week! The photographer he uses took excellent photos too. It was a long time since had sold a home, so we were impressed with how quickly he responded to our many questions; very thorough and always gave the best advice. After going under contract, we then asked Frank to search for our next home. He immediately got the ball rolling and took us out to numerous neighborhoods. Once again, he guided us through every step – from negotiations to inspections and all the closing details. You can imagine the tasks and stress we had making 2 major moves within a short period of time We were so happy to have a true advocate we could rely on – Thank You Frank! - Jim & Mary S.


In assisting me with my third home purchase, Frank Scalise has far exceeded my expectations in every way, and I highly recommend Frank to anyone purchasing real estate. For an extended period, Frank and I have searched for the one condo that would best fit my needs, and recently, he found it. Frank’s determination, patience, and expertise made this happen. After I had decided that I was going to look in only one particular condo development, there were no condos available to buy due to very tight market conditions. Not in any way deterred by the lack of available condos, Frank took the unprecedented step of mailing 56 prospecting letters to all of the owners of unlisted units in order to determine if one of them would sell their condo to me through a private sale. Although I had thought that this strategy of mailing prospecting letters to unit owners who had not even listed their condos would get us nowhere, two unit owners responded to Frank’s letter. He negotiated my purchase with one of them, and I purchased my condo through a private sale at a very favorable price. Frank’s determination to find the right condo for me, his patience with a very long search process, and his expert negotiation skills were really what made this purchase happen. I absolutely believe that Frank is the best real estate agent I have ever worked with, and now, I have worked with three. I highly recommend Frank Scalise to anyone purchasing real estate. - Mike B.


I worked with Frank for my first ever home purchase all the way back in 2010, a condo in Lakeview. Frank spoke with me in great detail to fully understand my needs, and every unit we viewed fit the price range, location, and style that were important to me. I didn't realize at the start of my home search how many details there were to the process of buying a home and how nuanced the local market could be, but Frank guided me through everything like a pro, and always kept my best interests in mind.
After my initial experience as a buyer, I always knew when the time came to sell my home that Frank would do a great job, and that moment finally arrived this past spring. Frank exceeded my already high expectations for him. He helped me identify contractors that were competent, trustworthy, and reasonably priced, which enabled me to get the condo into shape to maximize its resale value. He expertly navigated the local Chicago market to determine the optimal listing price, and negotiated the winning bid very close to the asking price. And he facilitated timely and professional interactions with the various parties involved in the closing, including the buyer's agent and lender, attorneys on both sides, and the title company. Everything went off without a hitch.
Whether you're buying or selling, hiring Frank as your realtor is the best investment you can make. He won't let you down! - Mike P.


I have participated in eight real estate transactions to date. Despite having been through these processes many times, I have learned that each transaction is different, highly distinct, and contains its own complications. My most recent sale transaction was the first time I have used Frank as my real estate broker, and I have been extremely pleased with Frank’s services. I definitely recommend Frank to anyone seeking help with buying or selling real estate. The first service that Frank provided was that he took the time to learn what I needed to have happen with my sale. Whenever I have spoken with Frank, he has given me his full attention, he has really listened, and he has made my priorities his priorities. After having been through some very problematic sales with other brokers, I was really seeking a smooth transaction with a minimum of headaches for me this time. Frank took care of everything from start to finish, kept me informed regarding what was going on, worked well with the buyer’s broker and my attorney, and smoothed over any rough edges in order to provide me with a hassle-free sale. When I first met Frank, I had the immediate feeling that I could trust him. My belief is that having an honest real estate broker is absolutely essential because both the significant amount of confidential information the broker receives and the large amounts of money involved in each transaction require a broker to operate with integrity and only in the best interests of their client. Frank has been absolutely trustworthy, and I have no hesitation in trusting him again with my next transaction. Frank’s many years of experience in real estate transactions, deep technical knowledge of real estate principles and exceptional negotiation skills all came together in my sale transaction which involved a post-closing possession arrangement. Frank successfully negotiated the post-closing possession arrangement and negotiated the sale in which I received my full asking price. I enthusiastically recommend Frank to anyone seeking to buy or sell real estate.

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